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Small but complete in every detail.

The first tankless water purifier in Malaysia, dispense water according to your desire at one touch, made easy for all users with all the features you need in one water purifier.

Comes with intelligent temperature control system which allows you and your family to prepare beverages such as coffee, tea, infant milk or even ice-cold water in an ease at your desire.

With breakthrough innovation, the Waterbar pro is powered by high performance nano-filtrationm(NF) advanced technology, the 5 stage filtration system remove 99.999% of water contaminants and leave healthy minerals needed by our bodies.

It is also certified by Korean Muslim Federation (KMF) as HALAL consumer goods. 

With our Plug& Play Technology, it is effortlessly convenient and hassle-free to replace filter, only 3 simple steps and you’re ready to go!

Smart and versatile, fits perfectly in every kitchen, easy access to keep you and your family hydrated at all times!





5 star rated energy saving appliances 


Exchangeable tap 


1st smart tankless water bar in Malaysia


5-stage filtration system


One-touch quantitative extraction


Easy filter replacement system


Intelligent temperature control system

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