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Infrared Nano Waterless Cookware

A high quality stainless steel pot is excellent for slow-cooked stews , searing and braising while our non-stick pans can help you make the perfect omelette.

Freshen up your kitchen  with our 17 pieces Infrared Nano Waterless Cookware.  Throw in a griddle and you'll be cooking like a pro in no time at all.

From veggies to meat to soups, our pots and pans gives delicious results for any culinary creation you care to whip up. With a large pot for boiling soups or stews, pans for searing meat, fish or anything else that takes your fancy, with a clear glass lid fitting on top. This Infrared Nano Waterless Cookware set will definitely make your life easier!

 Cosy Kitchen

Set Includes :- 

Saucepan with lid (6cm x 8cm)   x2

Saucepan with lid (20cm x 10cm)   x2

Saucepan with lid (24cm x 15cm)   x2

Frypan with lid (24cm x 6cm)   x2

Steamer (24cm x 9cm)   x1

Ring   x1

Picker   x1

Spatula   x1

Turner   x1

Soup Ladle   x1

Knob   x1

Mat   x2

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