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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the products that are available for rental plan?

  • Waterbar Pro (N0918-CHW)

  • Waterbar Mini (N0119-R)

  • Core Top (N0120-CH)

  • Core Stand (N0220-CH)

  • Essential (N0520-R)

  • Core Top II (N0820-CH)

  • Alkaline Mineral Tower 41.2L (N0121-CHW)

*We’re currently planning for more rental products, please feel free to contact us to find out more!


2. What water is Nihoma water?

Nihoma water is mild alkaline mineral water. PH level between 7.5-10.5. All products are lab tested by SGS.

3. What does the warranty cover for Nihoma products?

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

Eg: leaking, hot/cold water malfunction


4. What so special and unique about Nihoma water purifier?

Our Waterbar series water purifier is the first smart tankless water purifier in Malaysia with 5 temperatures.

Waterbar series water purifier is also energy saving, it can save up to 80% of electricity consumption.

The filter replacement is effortlessly convenient and hassle-free with the Plug & Play technology DIY filter replacement set.

The compact, sleek and minimal design suitable for every household and small offices.


5. Where is Nihoma water purifier made from?

Nihoma water purifiers are designed in UK and Made in Korea.


6. How many filters are there in Nihoma water purifier?

Nihoma water purifiers have many different range.

Waterbar Series : 3 filters with 5-stage filtration system

Core Series: 4 filters with 4-stage filtration system

Essential Series: 7 filters with 8-stage filtration system

Alkaline Mineral Tower: 4 filters with 4-stage filtration system


7. Is Nihoma product certified with SIRIM and/ or HALAL?

Yes. Our products are certified with SIRIM and HALAL by Korean Muslim Federation.


8. Do I need to pay for registration fee and installation fee?

No. We do not charge for installation fee nor registration fee. No hidden charges for our customers.


9. How can I place my order?

You may contact our sales team (if you know any), or call 1300-88-3939 to place your order.


10. What products does Nihoma carry?

Nihoma carries different range of water purifier, suitable for every household, offices, factories, schools, shopping malls or even public spaces. 

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